Growing Green Hearts is devoted to science education, and we believe the best way to learn science is through hands-on experience.  Today’s youth are the future leaders that carry the challenge of a changing climate.  It’s our homes, schools, community groups and places of worship that provide places and spaces for growth in science literacy and service to others.

Science is problem finding and problem solving. Through our programs, young people can Play, Learn and Love through science!

  • SITE VISITS get you messy, laughing, and a whole lot greener!  Working to move people from environmental knowledge to action through play.  8 topics are available.
  • TRAININGS for educators, mentors, and leaders of children guide nature play and empower scientific thinking and science literacy. 7  environmental STEM workshops are offered through MCPD/Parent Aware, schools districts, and community groups.
  • NATURAL PLAYSPACES are healthy places outdoor places to play that build systems thinking, creativity, sense-of-place, and science literacy.  Nature playground coaching by Growing Green Hearts can help you and your group get there.
  • YOUTH LEADERSHIP projects and partnerships with Growing Green Hearts empower youth.  Using trainings and service learning, youth connect their unique talents with today’s needs…right where we live!
  • CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT with Growing Green Hearts provides builds fun and creativity into environmental solutions specific to your site and age group– empowering people with environmental STEM.