5 Reasons to Get Kids Outside during times of COVID-19:

By Heidi Ferris, Growing Green Hearts COVID-19 is here and many kids will be at home…with parents…and we’ll all be driving each other crazy!  It’s a great move for our community, but hey, there’s a misconception we need to address:  Screen time is not the only way to learn in 2020.   Let’s all be aware that “social […]

7 Science Storybooks with Heart & Hope

    7 Stories of Scientists, Green Role Models & Community Builders! Just like heroes and heroines in our daily lives- some of the names on this list you’ll recognize, other names will ring a bell, and some of the characters we’ll never fully know.  Whether you’re leading a classroom story time or bedtime, staff […]

Three Little Gardens Part III: Science Squared

Growing Green Hearts was able to coach (and coax) gardens into all three backyards and the hearts of families that play there.  The storms of June 2013 huffed and puffed but they could NOT destroy these three little spirited starter gardens!  From suburbs to city, these stories talk of creating space and time for some […]

Preserving Garden Goodies

Thank you to Renae Kuehl who asked the following questions about her August garden: 1) Now that things are starting to ripen, how do you preserve things? Canning? 2) Also- you mentioned once to consider planting a late season crop… Am I too late for “late” season? If not, what do I plant?? I like […]

Got soil? Get smart!

Getting Smarter with Soil Play in the dirt.  Learn in the mud.  Love your garden.  While opinions may vary on those statements, scientific research has found that garden does effect your brain in a positive way.  “In 2007, United Kingdom researchers linked that happy feeling gardeners have after they’ve been digging in the dirt to […]