Wetland Wonderland

Blaine Wetland Sanctuary is a wetland wonderland because it filters water, provides habitat, reduces flooding, cleans the air, welcomes recreational sports, and more! Community partners, including Growing Green Hearts have embraced this greenspace for recreation and research, education and outreach. When visiting the mile-long boardwalk you will not see a swamp or a lot of lily pads because Blaine Wetland Sanctuary is mostly fen. A fen is a unique type of wetland. Geologically, Blaine Wetland Sanctuary is located on the Anoka County Sand Plain. The sandy soil and unique topography connect to this place being nick-named a “hotpot for biodiversity” with scientific research being done on variety of topics; from restoration to rare species. Blaine Wetland Sanctuary is located in Blaine, Minnesota; which is 20 minutes north of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Blaine Wetland Sanctuary is a laboratory for scientists and students alike to study rare species, water quality, urban impacts and restoration efforts. Growing Green Hearts role in the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary project has been development of innovative environmental education strategies, five enviroSTEM curriculum lessons and multiple teacher trainings. There is no “nature center” because the boardwalk becomes the classroom!

How might your classroom, scout troop, club or homeschool co-op, or community group get involved in cherishing this wetland wonderland? From service learning to field trips to walking tours, you can be a part of this place too! Growing Green Hearts has partnered with the City of Blaine since 2016 and offers teacher trainings plus five enviroSTEM programs adaptable to elementary and middle school groups from ten people to over 100.