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Connecting people to land, air, water and living things

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8 Educator Trainings  Growing Green Hearts provides teacher trainings for educational conferences and schools.  All workshops empower teachers with the tools to: coach science thinking processes, engage kids in fun science, construct environmental consciousness, build science literacy, and address climate change.  Schedule your teacher training based on these titles and topics:

  • NEW!  Growing Greenovation: Youth Leading with Environmental STEM™
  • NEW! Exploring Environmental STEM at Blaine Wetland Sanctuary™
  • Science Inside Out™
  • STEMtastic!™
  • Building ESTEAM with STEM™
  • Science Basics & STEM Strategies™
  • Energize Kids About Climate™
  • Our Natural Playground™

11 Site Visits for Kids   Build sense-of-place with our hands-on enviroSTEM activities that empower kids in taking care of their planet’s soil, water, plants, air, energy resources, and land.  Choose your topic and let’s get started!

  • Seeds for the Seasons ™
  • 5R’s of Plantable Paper-making™ 
  • Minnesota Stories in the Rocks™
  • Minnesota Water Wonderful™
  • Energy and Me™
  • Interstellar WaterQuest™
  • For the Birds!™
  • Plants as Superheroes: kids leading with seeds, plants & nature play™ …. is a 4-part series combining author visits and hands-on enviroSTEM!   

3 Series for Service Learning  Using teamwork in hands-on workshops or retreats, we’ll connect science systems to daily life, explore green choices, and move to projects that your group can tackle in the short or long term.  

Natural Playgrounds/Outdoor Classroom Design   Green coaching on site!  Make science classes come alive at your school as plants reach taller, butterflies flutter by, play becomes more creative, kids become the scientists, and hearts grow greener.  We’ll analyze then strategize best ways to utilize: your space, kid power, existing curriculum and community resources.   Let’s connect to get your project going!

Curriculum Writing  Elementary schools, non-profits groups, libraries, faith groups, child care centers and preschools benefit long-term from this site-specific, environmental stewardship based service.   Please contact GGH for specific curriculum writing examples.