Native Plants

Peas (& Beans) Be With You!


Curiosity and wonder can sprout from watching seeds grow into plants. For this activity, a variety of seeds are placed on a wet paper towel within a plastic bag that is then taped to the window. Instructional videos demonstrating how to do this can be found online, or you can use my 6-step cartoon with basic directions posted here. I recommend pea seeds, garbanzo beans, a sprout mix, and/or chia seeds. Your local food co-op and garden centers will have options for you, but you can also experiment with seeds from your cupboard at home.


This “Peas & Beans Be With You” sprouts-in-a-window activity can also activate conversation about: climate change, how the greenhouse effect works, how to grow local food, and even the choice to reuse the baggie! Whether in a kit shared with youth or shared with elders in your community, this is a neat way to sneak a peek at some green this winter!  Questions? Good. Questions are good, and I hope this little seeds activity leads to questions about interconnected systems and our relationships with land, air, water, and living things.

PEAS (& Beans) Be With You! For faith-based groups, this activity also connects vocation, ecotheology, climate justice, and sustainability.  In which ways are you called to care for Creation? How does that include ideas big and small? Global and local?   

Play. Learn. Love.

February 2021