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Feb 10th, 2019 Connecting-the-Drops Community Water Event

In care of water, community partners in the Vadnais Heights area are rallying together!  Join in the fun as we learn and play with water.  Special guests are offering workshops with bring water science to life through art.  All are welcome to participate in games, activities, art, music, and more.



When:  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10th, 2019    1:00-4:00pm

Where:  Vadnais Heights Commons, 655 County Road F, Vadnais Heights, MN

How:  Grant-funded by VLAWMO

Why:   Let’s celebrate water!  Together we commit to caring for our watershed and together we move knowledge to action.

Three church congregations are working on a water-focused, knowledge to action curriculum called Connect-the-Drops:  Faith, Science, and Youth Leadership.  To kick off the learning, the group has partnered with local businesses, artists, and scientists in creation of a FREE community event.  Growing Green Hearts uses STEM strategies and theology exploration to bring together faith and science for congregational and community groups.  The Connect-the-Drops:  Faith, Science & Youth Leadership curriculum empowers young people to examine their local water issues; and to use their gifts and talents to meet the needs of the world.  Youth groups or intergenerational groups from faith groups move through 6 drops/lessons that culminate in a service-learnng project.  28 groups from 8 local watershed districts have engaged in the program over the last 5 years.  This spring and summer groups from Peace United Methodist, Frassati Academy, and Christ the Servant Lutheran Church will be focusing on water connection, knowledge, and action.

YOU ARE INVITED!  All are welcome to play, learn, and love water through a variety of activities at the February 10th event.

  • Hear and try spoken word poetry about water with artist Joe Davis at 1:30, 2:30, or 3:30
  • Watch and paint with visual artist Tracy Frizzell performing at 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00
  • Build a giant watershed model and make it rain with Growing Green Hearts at 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00
  • Learn 4 easy steps on how to Salt Smarter with Peace United Methodist Church
  • Find where you live in the watershed with Christ the Servant Lutheran Church
  • Ask questions about water on your property and how caring for wetlands boost property values from Todd Smith, Keller Williams Realty
  • Paint watercolor water care cards with Frassati Academy
  • Play water quality games with Hamline’s Center for Global Environmental Eduction
  • Grab a selfie with “Drippy” the water character
  • Try “plinko” water pollution game with Christ the Servant Lutheran Church
  • Get to know you lakes and how to help keep them clean with Peace United Methodist
  • Find your place in the watershed and see local wildlife captured on video with VLAWMO
  • Spin the wheel for water trivia with Church Offset Printing
  • Investigate samples of macroinvertibrates as water quality indicators with Frassati Academy, St. Mary of the Lake, and St. Pius catholic parishes
  • Get specifics on our impaired local lakes with Peace United Methodist Church
  • Listen to water music from many genres– all songs that move us in care of water

Special Thanks to:

Augsburg University

Christ the Servant Lutheran Church ELCA

Church Offset Printing

Culver’s of Vadnais Heights

Frassati Academy with St. Mary of the Lake and St. Pius Catholic parishes

Growing Green Hearts, LLC

Hamline University Center for Global Environmental Education

Janine Hanson Communications

Peace United Methodist Church

Vadnais Lakes Area Water Management Organization

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