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Easy Scavenger Hunt For Your Neighborhood Park

35 Ways to Notice Nature this July

July is a great month to hone your noticing skills! Sit and listen.  Watch the clouds. Count the ants.  Smell the flowers. Can you notice, find, or create everything on this “Noticing Nature” list for July?  Give this a try… an easy scavenger hunt for your neighborhood park.  

  • Find an object taller than you
  • Spot a string or grasses thinner than your shoe laces
  • Look for something red 
  • Walk from a high spot then walk to the lowest, looking for a puddle down below
  • See something blue, other than the sky?
  • Find litter to put into a trash barrel
  • Spot a leaf bigger than your hand
  • Spy a plant with alternating leaves 
  • Create a positive sidewalk message in chalk by quoting an African American leader
  • Look at berries that birds might eat 
  • Draw sidewalk message sharing friendship in poetry 
  • Find a rock rounded by the power of water
  • Notice a speckled pebble or two or three!
  • Catch some fresh air in your lungs and cheeks, hold it for a while before letting it go!
  • Find in nature something in a heart shape
  • Create a sidewalk message about hope using chalk or by spelling it out in sticks
  • Sneak up on Monarch caterpillars on milkweed
  • Sing a song you heard first from a bird
  • Spot a nest up high
  • Peak at pollinators as they visit flowering prairie plants
  • Play hopscotch using chalk
  • Write out in chalk a sidewalk message quoting a famous female leader
  • Find a seed that floats on air
  • Carefully, without touching, look on nettle plants for Red Admiral caterpillars or a chrysalis nearby
  • Listen to flowing water or wind blowing leaves for 1 minute straight 
  • Find an animal track
  • Climb a rock bigger than you and sit right on top!  
  • Share a sidewalk message about gratitude in chalk
  • Spot a place where erosion is happening 
  • Spread kindness with a compliment
  • Smile for 30 seconds in a row 
  • Rest with your feet up high as you identify cloud shapes in the sky 
  • Sing a song about nature nearby 
  • Look for roots that should be hiding underground
  • Count ants coming in and out of a mound

Play. Learn. Love. 

July 2020