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Connect-the-Drops 2017

Connect-the-Drops: Faith, Science and Youth Leadership™ is environmental STEM in action! The experiential curriculums in the Faith, Science & Youth Leadership series were developed by Growing Green Hearts and being utilized by 15+ metro area churches thanks to a partnership with the Minneapolis Area Synod ELCA’s EcoFaith Network and Hennepin County Green Partners.

Did you know that…

Connect-the-Drops: Faith, Science and Youth Leadership embodies the idea of “learning ecology” in which problem-solving, strengths finding, and solutions through engineering design take place at many levels: individually, inside the building, and through community outreach. Contact Heidi here to ask about bringing Connect-the-Drops to your faith community.

2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. In celebration, many synods (organized groups of churches), around the globe have declared 2017 the year of “EcoReformation”.

Governor Mark Dayton has declared 2017 a Year of Water Action in which citizens of Minnesota explore their watersheds and personal impacts and uses of water- from local creeks to the cabin shoreline. Working with faith communities, schools, counties, watershed districts, nature centers and non-profits builds community and effectiveness in environmental stewardship. Together we can make a difference, one drop at a time.

Rather than just a curriculum, Connect-the-Drops™ is an experience. It blends Lutheran theology and with climate science, community connections, watershed education, and environmental stewardship. Using 6 one-hour sessions, Connect-the-Drops™ works to break down the false dichotomy between faith and science while building upon youth ministry faith formation strategies like relationship, Bible Study, and service-learning. STEM and hands-on experiments are used throughout the program.

Middle school, high school and intergenerational groups are making a difference. Follow their stories on Facebook with EcoFaith Network MPLS and Growing Green Hearts. Follow their stories on Twitter with #EFNyouthlead #EFNwatershed and #GGHconnect @EcoFaithMPLS and @GrowGreenHearts.

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January 2017

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