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Gammålgarden Museum hosting eSTEM Faith & Science Saturdays


Nature Play Workshops @ Gammalgården Museum

Gammelgården Museum of Swedish heritage in Scandia, Minnesota has teamed up with Growing Green Hearts to talk Christian faith & science in an amazing outdoor setting.  Designed for people of all ages, especially families, together we will…

»Play outdoor games, team challenges, and environmental Science, Technology, Engineering & Math to connect Swedish stories of the past with Swedish engineering and design ideas of today.

»Think creatively through engineering design and artwork such as kites, solar cooking, garden design, paper-making, boats, bridges, windmills and more.

»Bring to life stories of land, scripture and people through special tours of Gammelgården Museum, interviews with special guests, and Bible study.

»Explore natural systems with water quality testing, tree identification, geology investigations, climate action, prairie plant ID & butterfly data collection.

Little Green Frog Faith and Science Family Saturday: Hydrosphere

June 17th 10am-12pm

Explore your baptismal story, build a model watershed, try your hand at water chemistry and water quality testing.  In scripture and science, together learn how water is wonderful and weird!

Family $50 Individual $15.00. Includes materials, beverage and snack.

Little Green Frog Faith and Science Family Saturday: Biosphere

August 12th 10am-12pm

Explore ecology through Bible stories.  Plants, animals, air, water, land are    interconnected.  What else does Genesis say about caring for Creation?  Play with prairie, test out some nature yoga moves, and experience biodiversity of the Gammalgarden site.

Family $50 Individual $15.00. Includes materials, beverage and snack.

Little Green Frog Faith and Science Family Saturday: Geosphere

September 16th 10am-12pm

Stories in the rocks, about the rocks, and how God ROCKS!  Earth changes over time and we’ll use scripture, the local landscape, chemistry  experiments, maps and minerals to explore that idea.

Family $50 Individual $15.00. Includes materials, beverage and snack.

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Find out more about Gammelgården Museum in Scandia, Minnesota by clicking here.  Yes, the museum gives tours led by historians on Saturdays starting at 1:00pm. No charge for children under 12, adults $7.00/person.

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