Three Little Gardens Part III: Science Squared

Growing Green Hearts was able to coach (and coax) gardens into all three backyards and the hearts of families that play there.  The storms of June 2013 huffed and puffed but they could NOT destroy these three little spirited starter gardens!  From suburbs to city, these stories talk of creating space and time for some […]

Favorite Science Storybooks- Living Things

Heidi’s Favorite Storybooks that Connect Earth’s Living Things “The Lorax” By Dr. Suess “My Little Book of Manatees” By Hope Irvin Marston, Illustrated By Stephanie Mirocha “The Snow Bear” By Miriam Moss, Illustrated Maggie Kneen “Mister Seahorse” by Eric Carle “The Mitten” By Jan Brett “Sea Turtle Journey:  The Story of a Loggerhead Sea Turtle” […]