Autumn Leaf Lessons: Awesome & Mysterious!

Tricks & Treats That Leaves Teach Us Why do leaves change color?  What causes seasons?  Why are some leaves yellow and some leaves red?  What makes the leaves crunch so much?  The first step of the scientific method is to ask a question…so keep kids asking!  Some questions are testable with an experiment.  Other questions […]

Catch GGH this fall and winter…

Where have green hearts been growing lately?  Where next? Are you heading to the NAEYC conference at River Center on January 31st?  If so, please consider stopping by the Growing Green Hearts workshop titled “Energize Kids About Climate” on Friday at 2:15.  It would be great to see you there! Will your kids be getting […]

Preserving Garden Goodies

Thank you to Renae Kuehl who asked the following questions about her August garden: 1) Now that things are starting to ripen, how do you preserve things? Canning? 2) Also- you mentioned once to consider planting a late season crop… Am I too late for “late” season? If not, what do I plant?? I like […]