Your Earth Day Menu 2022: Small, Medium & Large

Grow Green, Greener, Greenest Earth Day 2022 Heidi M.S. Ferris, April 2022 Little things matter and so do the big!  This list of green ideas is designed to help you, your family and friends move from little green things to medium greener things to larger earth care ideas… all right where you live! Save time, […]

Creation Care Bingo

Click to get the Creation Care Bingo by GGH. How do faith and science connect?  This creation care bingo game is a hands-on way to explore caring for God’s creation outside the worship space.  Get to know how you can make a difference on a daily basis with five categories:  the 5R’s , energy, water, places, […]

Happy Earth Day! 10 Ways to Celebrate

   10.  Read through an electric bill with a child.  Imagine the possibilities!  From “What?!  We pay for that?” to “What do they mean our neighbors got a better score than we did?” or “What can we do to conserve energy?”. 9. Lay down and watch the clouds.  We breathe the air every minute but […]