Green Frog STEM Explorers: Faith, Science & Creation Care

Get your registration form here for the 4-day adventure with environmental STEM and creation care.  Scroll down to learn more about how youth in 5th through 8th grades from around Minnesota are having fun with problem-solving and faith this summer with Green Frog STEM Explorers.


5th through 8th graders led by highly qualified teachers

Get your registration form here for Green Frog STEM Explorers:  Faith, Science & Creation Care.


Aug. 8th– Aug. 11th 2016   9am to 3pm

$120    All activities, museum admission, project materials, snacks, and administrative fees are included. 


Scandia, Minnesota is a very special spot for this camp.   Here’s why.  Historic buildings, tools and artifacts weave through the 11 acre open air museum property that also includes a stream fed pond, restored prairie, living tree species collection, and heritage garden.Green Frog STEM Explorers is a partnership between Elim Lutheran Church , the Gammalgården Museum and Growing Green Hearts LLC.  Små Grodorna is Swedish for “Little Green Frog” and the name of a song used by Swedes to celebrate summer.


Matching up needs of the world with a person’s gifts and talents is one way to define vocation.  Green Frog STEM Explorers will use engineering design challenges, art, and games to better understand vocation, earth’s systems, and Minnesota’s changing climate.  We’ll use the tools of a scientist along with historical perspectives and storytelling at the treasured Gammalgården site to talk about social justice, energy, and sustainability topics of yesteryear and today. Teen & ‘tweens in grades 5-8 are led by highly qualified staff in environmental STEM and creation care Bible studies. 


Play and laugh with friends through outdoor games, team challenges, and environmental Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.

Think creatively through engineering design and artwork such as kites, solar cooking, jewelry, paper-making, boats, bridges, windmills and more.

Bring to life stories of Minnesota’s land and people, scripture and cultures through behind-the-scenes tours at the Gammalgården Museum, interviews with special guests, and group Bible studies for teens & ‘tweens.

Explore natural systems with water quality testing, tree identification, geology investigations, climate action, prairie plant ID & butterfly data collection.


  • backpack
  • water bottle
  • beach towel
  • hat and sunscreen
  • dress for the weather
  • shoes for outdoor play
  • bring your own lunch, snacks provided

Get your registration form here for Green Frog STEM Explorers:  Faith, Science & Creation Care.