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Resources & Trainings for EnviroSTEM at Blaine Wetland Sanctuary

Are field trips and educator trainings offered at Blaine Wetland Sanctuary?

Yes, the next course offering of “Environmental STEM at Blaine Wetland Sanctuary,” a 3-hour course for educators, is on Saturday, August 29th from 9am-12pm. Future trainings will take place throughout 2020 and 2021.  Registration is required and can be done through the City of Blaine website.

Health of people and our shared environment are a priority. Yes, we use social distancing guidelines for tours, field trips, and educator training events.

Where do tours, field trips and trainings meet?

We use the mile long boardwalk and trail system as our classroom. Groups meet at the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary parking lot at 11980 Lexington Ave NE in Blaine, Minnesota then head down the trail for hands-on learning and curriculum adventures!

Student field trips and community tours can be organized for less than 10 to 100+! Blaine Wetland Sanctuary is a big place with a lot to offer, especially when we get creative with schedules, stations, and interdisciplinary learning.

Field Trips to BWS?

Yes, fall field trips to Blaine Wetland Sanctuary are an option for learners of all ages.  Blaine Wetland Sanctuary can host and guide groups 100+ to less than 10.  Connect with Heidi for examples, cost, and more information. Yes to fall, winter, spring and summer!  Each season has site-specific, season-specific curriculum connections and tours.

What to bring?  What to wear?

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing for hiking as well as a coat/raingear/sunscreen/hat based on the weather.  You may want to bring a notebook/pencil and a camera/phone to capture learning ideas for yourself and your students.  People often find a backpack and water bottle helpful.


Whether a classroom teacher, childcare provider, scout leader, neighbor or community partner… these resources can help you teach, learn and play with nature right where we live!

Five enviroSTEM at BWS lessons overview: https://www.blainemn.gov/2914/5-eSTEM-Lessons

Rare plants of BWS in pictures and story format for children: http://growinggreenhearts.com/environmental-education-learning/rescue-of-rare-plants/

Interpretive Signs as Learning Themes for BWS:  https://www.blainemn.gov/2832/Interpretive-Signs 

Planet Water Walk:  https://www.blainemn.gov/DocumentCenter/View/7448/BWS-Planet-Water-Walk-Presentation-PDF?bidId=

We do citizen science together through picture poles and posts: https://www.blainemn.gov/2672/Picture-Posts

Educational Videos?

Yes, three instructional videos are in the works and will be online soon through the City of Blaine.  These may be used for virtual flied trips or as a resource for you as an educator, parent, citizen scientist, and more.

EnviroSTEM for which educators?  

The wonderment of nature brings people together. Classroom teachers, child care specialists, scout leaders, and educators of all kinds are invited to participate in the enviroSTEM training opportunities at Blaine Wetland Sanctuary, as well as the 7 other trainings offered by Growing Green Hearts, LLC. 

Heidi Ferris, environmental STEM specialist with Growing Green Hearts LLC has partnered with the City of Blaine for over 4 years in site-specific lessons, tours, curriculum development and community outreach with the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary since 2016. Heidi also leads Growing Green Hearts educator trainings for school districts, educational conferences, child care centers, and community groups. Certificate will be made available to participants after completion of a training event.  Yes, all Growing Green Hearts educator training events are Parent Aware/DEVELOP approved.

Play. Learn. Love.

August 2020