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Blaine Wetland Sanctuary & Outdoor Learning with GGH

Growing Green Hearts has partnered with the City of Blaine, Minnesota, in creation of environmental STEM programming and curriculum for their Blaine Wetland Sanctuary.

The Blaine Wetland Sanctuary is a playful place to exercise for many people.  It’s also a living science research lab for many; and for even more people- it’s a peaceful place to notice nature.

The A-B-C’s of the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary….

AWESOME is the unique mix of habitats:  wet meadow, poor fen, rich fen, and mesic islands.  A fen is a specialized wetland, like an isolated geology bowl filled with peat, holding water over time.  Imagine 4000 years of a geology story that’s still mostly intact at this site, where 60 feet down some water remains ice year-round!  The special soils support a variety of plants and animals unique to the area.

BLAINE is working with universities, government agencies, residents, and community groups to preserve this special place…and learn from it!  Researchers are currently studying the rare plants, complex biodiversity, hydrology of the site, and ecological restoration practices.  Interpretive signs for the public were created by college students.

COMMUNITY grows at Blaine Wetland Sanctuary too.  Visitors to the site can get to know people, plants, animals, and share stories as we connect human impact with the science.  The connectedness of land, air, water, and living things are most certainly evident in this unique landscape.  While many areas are off limits for conservation efforts, the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary has a  1 mile-long boardwalk and even more trails to explore.

Check-out upcoming events with Growing Green Hearts at Blaine Wetland Sanctuary here.

Get directions and more information about Blaine Wetland Sanctuary here.


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