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Arbor Month is May

Trees. Trees. Trees.

How will you celebrate Arbor Month this May…Eat an apple?  Climb a tree?  Plant a tree?  Enjoy the shade?  Here are ways for classrooms and families to show appreciation and care for trees.

  • Get to know a tree that you often pass by.  Investigate the bark by getting a crayon rubbing , look up high for nests in the branches, explore the leaf pattern by dissecting a leaf, reflect on the seasons by creating a poem about the tree
  • Reduce paper waste by using both sides for homework or worksheets.
  • Identify trees in your playground, park, or neighborhood using a tree field guide or an identification tool online.  Here’s a good one form the Arbor Day Foundation: tree identifier tool.  
  • Minnesota Tree Climbing Championship is hosted by the DNR at Oak Hill Park in St. Louis Park on May 17th from 9am-12:00.
  • Make paper by recycling your own.  Growing Green Hearts offers hands on paper-making field trips that connect the engineering design process with ecology and creativity.  More information about GGH visiting your site here:  GGH In-School Field Trips
  • Stand strong and breathe like a tree while in yoga tree pose.  Animals inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide while plants and trees do the opposite.  Click here to see how tree pose is done.
  • Read some books about trees of the world and characters that adore them like…
    • Tap the Magic Tree By Christie Matheson
    • Mama Miti By Donna Jo Napoli, Illustrated by Kadir Nelson
    • Secrets of the Seasons By Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, Illustrated by Priscilla Lamont
    • Our Family Tree:  An Evolution Story By Lisa Westberg Peters Illustrated by Lauren Stringer
    • The Hatseller and the Monkeys By Baba Wague Kiakite
    • Johnny Appleseed By Jane Yolen Illustrated By Jim Burke

Play. Learn. Love.

May 2014