Favorite Science Storybooks- Rocks

Heidi’s Favorite Storybooks that Connect with Soil, Rocks, Minerals & Landforms “Listen to the Wind:  The Story of Dr. Greg & Three Cups of Tea” By Greg Mortenson and Susan L. Roth, Collages By Susan L. Roth “My First Little House Books:  Prairie Day” By Laura Ingalls Wilder, Illustrated By Renee Graef “Ladybug Girl at […]

Favorite Science Storybooks- Atmosphere

Heidi’s Favorite Storybooks that Connect with Air, Breath, Gases, & Atmosphere “Where Is Gah-Ning?”  By Robert Munsch, Illustrated by Helene Desputeaux “Blue Sky”  By Audrey Wood “The Magic School Bus Rides the WInd” By Anne Capeci, Illustrated by Carolyn Bracken “The Air Around Us”  By Eleonore Schmid “The Lorax” By Dr. Suess “My First Little […]

Got soil? Get smart!

Getting Smarter with Soil Play in the dirt.  Learn in the mud.  Love your garden.  While opinions may vary on those statements, scientific research has found that garden does effect your brain in a positive way.  “In 2007, United Kingdom researchers linked that happy feeling gardeners have after they’ve been digging in the dirt to […]

Creation Care in Two Pockets

What’s in your pockets today?    A family trip this fall to the North Shore of Lake Superior included an ambitious hiking schedule with three state parks in three days, along with some time spent climbing, throwing, and picking rocks along the shore. Oh, the irony!  We hurried and rushed in order to slow down […]

Science and Faith. Faith and Science.

The False Dichotomy Fairy Tale   “Once upon a time, there was a mean topic called science in which people were afraid.  With their fears rooted in misunderstandings, they turned religion into an army to battle science.”  Another version of the story goes like this… “Once upon a time there was a mean topic called […]

Nature Play Problem-Solvers

Are you swimming in information?       Kids are such great teachers.  What parent hasn’t had their child twist and turn their perspectives on things?  What child hasn’t pushed boundaries and buttons here and there?  Children have shown me how much they appreciate choices.  However, sometimes I think we are faced with over choice. […]