Three Little Gardens Part I: A Playhouse Garden in the Suburbs

The storms of June 2013 huffed and puffed but they could NOT destroy these three little spirited starter gardens!  Growing Green Hearts was able to coach (and coax) gardens into all three backyards and the hearts of families that play there. First is Janine who wanted to enhance the backyard play zone with a garden […]

Global Garden Labels

Learning Languages in the Garden Produce that may seem commonplace in the American food system now originated in all parts of the world.  Why not try 4 languages to label what you are growing?  Garden markers are sold at most garden centers.  Repurposing junk from around the house makes for great labels and decorations too.  […]

The Science Behind Climate Science Headlines

The Science Behind Climate Science Headlines Science literacy goes beyond just understanding a science related article in the paper or online.  Science literacy is about finding reliable information, asking the right questions, and engaging in conversation about solutions. It’s a common misconception that science is a collection of knowledge about energy or matter.  In reality […]

Winter 2013

Here are some Growing Green Hearts highlights from the first 4 months of 2013! January was cold outside but surely warm when hundreds of preschool teachers and directors gathered in St. Louis Park for the ELEA conference.  It was great to listen to the needs of teachers and directors who work to bring inquiry, wonderment, […]

What Educators Say About Growing Green Hearts

“We really enjoyed the training. It was great having some hands on opportunities to explore science. Very knowledgeable and prepared which I appreciated.” Tami Mielke, Director of Golden Rule Childcare Center in Andover, Minnesota   “Heidi is an excellent instructor who gets those in her classes involved. She has the ability to reach everyone, even those […]

Favorite Science Storybooks- Living Things

Heidi’s Favorite Storybooks that Connect Earth’s Living Things “The Lorax” By Dr. Suess “My Little Book of Manatees” By Hope Irvin Marston, Illustrated By Stephanie Mirocha “The Snow Bear” By Miriam Moss, Illustrated Maggie Kneen “Mister Seahorse” by Eric Carle “The Mitten” By Jan Brett “Sea Turtle Journey:  The Story of a Loggerhead Sea Turtle” […]

Favorite Science Storybooks- Water

Heidi’s Favorite Storybooks that Connect with Water “Ladybug Girl at the Beach” By David Soman and Jacky Davis “Sea Turtle Journey:  The Story of a Loggerhead Sea Turtle”  By Lorraine A. Jay, Illustrated by Katie Lee “Slip! Slide! Skate!” By Gail Herman, Illustrated by Paige Billin-Frye “The Snow Bear” By Miriam Moss, Illustrated by Maggie […]

Favorite Science Storybooks- Rocks

Heidi’s Favorite Storybooks that Connect with Soil, Rocks, Minerals & Landforms “Listen to the Wind:  The Story of Dr. Greg & Three Cups of Tea” By Greg Mortenson and Susan L. Roth, Collages By Susan L. Roth “My First Little House Books:  Prairie Day” By Laura Ingalls Wilder, Illustrated By Renee Graef “Ladybug Girl at […]

Favorite Science Storybooks- Atmosphere

Heidi’s Favorite Storybooks that Connect with Air, Breath, Gases, & Atmosphere “Where Is Gah-Ning?”  By Robert Munsch, Illustrated by Helene Desputeaux “Blue Sky”  By Audrey Wood “The Magic School Bus Rides the WInd” By Anne Capeci, Illustrated by Carolyn Bracken “The Air Around Us”  By Eleonore Schmid “The Lorax” By Dr. Suess “My First Little […]

Got soil? Get smart!

Getting Smarter with Soil Play in the dirt.  Learn in the mud.  Love your garden.  While opinions may vary on those statements, scientific research has found that garden does effect your brain in a positive way.  “In 2007, United Kingdom researchers linked that happy feeling gardeners have after they’ve been digging in the dirt to […]